Château Boundary

Launched in May 2010 by Prescott & Conran, Château Boundary is a wine club for beginners, enthusiasts, connoisseurs and those who simply enjoy vinous delights. There are fantastic incentives available to those who join as an En Primeur member.

Château Boundary – Events Calendar

The Château Boundary team are constantly planning new and interesting events, with the aim to host two or three tastings per month. It is our intention to offer a diverse and interesting programme of wine experiences that vary in price, format and size – from simple and short tastings, appealing both to beginners and those with more advanced knowledge, to exclusive dinners featuring world-renowned wines.

The website is updated when new information is available and emails are sent to the database on a regular basis. Château Boundary En Primeur Club members receive advance notification and booking priority. En Primeur Club members also receive a discount on the ticket price for each event, based on a minimum of 15% and sometimes up to 30%. Please also note that we do not host events in December and August.

Wines that are served at the tasting events are generally available to purchase on the night, or after the event at retail prices. Again, En Primeur Club members receive a further discount on these wines.

Please email if you require further information on any of the events or have a specific request or idea for our future events schedule.

Future Events

  • Wine Tasting & Dinner with Chêne Bleu – Enjoy a tasting of a variety of Chêne Bleu wines – including both of their cult flagship cuvées, Abélard and Héloïse, from their very first vintage in 2006 alongside a menu created specifically for this event by Lutyens’ Head Chef Daniel Mertl. Wednesday 31 May 6.30pm | £85.00

Previous Events

  • New Kids On The Block - An informal and intimate wine tasting event hosted by MW and founder of Liberty Wines, David Gleave. September 13 | 6.15-8.15pm | £37.50

  • A sensory wine session to discover which wines suit your individual palate – for women only! Wednesday 19 October | 6.30 – 9pm | £57.50

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En Primeur Club

On Thursday, 1 September 2011 we launched Château Boundary En Primeur Club – our version of the renowned wine futures system, applied to club membership.*

Membership is based on a one-off fee. The fee is £350 for individual membership and an extra £250 for corporate membership, up to 5 named members. All prices exclude VAT. Like the Bordelais, but much less avariciously, we plan to increase membership fees each vintage. So, buy early to secure the best drinking.

The following is the initial list of En Primeur Club membership benefits.

Further offers will be added as the club develops.

  • On joining, each new individual member will receive a £50 gift voucher (£100 for corporate membership), to be used at a future Château Boundary event

  • Advance notice and exclusive preview periods prior to the latest Château Boundary and Food for Thought events – we often sell out within 24 hours of the release of event details

  • Standard discount of 15% against all Château Boundary and Food for Thought event ticket prices, with the discount extended to 30% for specific events

  • 40% discount at Château Boundary online wine shop

  • 30% discount on all accommodation rates at Boundary Hotel on the night of a Château Boundary event.

  • Discount when dining at Boundary Restaurant after a Château Boundary event

  • 10% discount when purchasing Riedel wine glassware

  • Sommelier service

NB: We reserve the right to remove or amend the En Pimeur benefits without notice.

Please email for further information and membership application details.

Private and Bespoke Tastings

Alongside our club activities, we are often asked to create special corporate tastings or to plan unique private occasions with a vinous note of difference. We are happy to assist with all manner of events, whether at a venue of your own choice, a local gallery or any of our restaurants - Lutyens, Boundary or Les Deux Salons, dependent on numbers. It may also be possible to host very exclusive events in one of the bedroom suites at Boundary. Formats can range from simple one-hour tastings to five-course gourmet experiences. Please contact the office on for further information.

Subject to the event requirements, we generally plan these tastings in partnership with award-winning wine educators and experts together with our head sommeliers. While anything is possible, from a vertical of the greatest Grand Cru to a masterclass in summer rosé wines, we have prepared a list of ideas to whet your taste buds. Prices and exact content are available on request.

The Italian Job

The Ancient Greeks called it 'Enotria', Land of Vines, and today Italy is home to more than 2000 grape varieties. It is a country best known for its characterful reds, and this tasting highlights the qualities of Italy's famous wine regions, as well as discovering a few hidden gems in the white and sweet corners.

Pinot Noir and Its Many Terroirs

Pinot Noir’s elegant and complex flavours are achieved only through the combination of a perfect vineyard location and requisite winemaking skill. Its styles vary from those with delicacy and finesse to silkier, smooth-textured wines. Savour the flavours of this beguiling grape as it exhibits the expressions of each of its represented regions around the world.

France – Where It All Began

Home to the best-known and most-beloved grape varieties in the world, France has created the template to which modern wineries aspire. Its many diverse regions produce a plethora of styles to satisfy every wine lover. Enjoy this tour of the world’s most famous wine regions.

Same Grape, Different Region

Have you ever wondered why a grape that you have come to love plays tricks on you with different flavours from time to time? In essence, grapes are a bit like chameleons, adapting to whatever Mother Nature throws at them just to blend in to their surroundings and climate. Witness the versatility of grapes across regions, and compare their styles in various corners of the globe.

Unsung Heroes

Some of the world’s most interesting grape varieties are too often eclipsed by the more popular names so common in everyday life and expression. Remote vineyards and extreme conditions often combine to produce unrivalled styles of winemaking. This tasting is for wine enthusiasts who want to uncover some of the world’s best-kept wine secrets.

All Things Sparkling

Sparkling wine is always appreciated, there is no doubt, but these fascinating wines have many different guises. Discover the range of styles of fizz produced, from the fun and fresh Prosecco right through to the most exquisite vintage Champagne. Learn to understand the little things that make a big difference in making top-end sparkling wines.

A Brand New World

A collective of histories and upheavals has seen European winemakers venture overseas to other corners of the globe over the centuries, and we are reaping the rewards of their fruit today. Some of the most exciting and vibrant wines in the world are appearing on our shores from regions bursting with sunshine and fruit. Taste how old-fashioned styles of wines are turned on their respective heads when we sample ‘New World’ wines from California, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The Wines of Iberia

Forget what you think you know about Portuguese and Spanish wines. A lot has changed on the Iberian Peninsula in the past decade, and it is now producing some of the finest wines in the world. Enjoy this tasting tour across the various up-and-coming regions and the elegant wines now being produced in this part of the winemaking world. And, of course, the tasting would not be complete without a rare old vintage port from the 1970s to round things off.

Wine Gifts

Who doesn’t like wine? Hardly anybody is the answer – and dare we say only the boring? So, next time you are struggling to think of a gift for a friend, a loved one or a work colleague, or even for a corporate gift, call us. You might even want to treat yourself.

The Château Boundary team can easily compile an interesting gift box to suit a range of budgets and tastes. Whether you are looking for a single bottle of Champagne or a specific vintage to match a particular birth year, or maybe a tasting selection to entice the palate, you should find the answer to your vinous gift-giving needs here. Alternatively, gift vouchers for Boundary restaurant are also available, please enquire at

Wine List

We are pleased to offer all of the wines from our award-winning wine lists for retail sale. More than 2000 wines, from grand marque Champagne, all the way through French regional classics such as unctuously rich Cahors, to simple refreshing Sauvignon from the Loire or rosé from Provence.

We are happy to supply anything from a single bottle to as many cases as you require, subject to availability. There are no minimum order values or quantities. We are also happy to prepare mixed parcels to suit your taste and budget. Our list also includes many fine wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy and internationally renowned vineyards.

Pricing is simple. All wines are sold at a fixed 30% discount against the main restaurant list price. You will appreciate that many of the wines are unavailable to the general public, and all of the wines are purchased at trade prices with only modest mark-ups after allowing for the 30% discount. For members of our En Primeur Club, the discount is increased to 40%, making the selling price only marginally more than the price that we have paid for these wines – an exceedingly sweet deal.

Simply check the list and make your selection. Once you have decided on the wine that you want, please email and we will check availability.

For those of you buying gifts for birthdays, Christmas presents, special occasions, hello’s or goodbye’s, we can offer a range of wooden gift boxes and other wine paraphernalia that you may want to consider.

General Details

Availability: For many of the wines on the list, we hold reasonable quantities in our cellar and selections can be dispatched the next day. In other circumstances, we have arranged paid reserves that are held in off-site cellars, and delivery may take 48 hours or so to arrange. When neither of these conditions applies, we may be able to source additional stocks from our suppliers; delivery in this case usually takes a maximum of 3–4 days to arrange. Some wines are sold as bin-ends and as such are available on a first come, first served basis. Of course, we are always happy to offer comparable alternatives.

Ordering: We aim to make the process as simple as possible and also want to retain a personal connection. This is not a click-a-box-and-wait-for-it-to-arrive sort of system. Instead, we are real people – wine professionals – and definitely not a call centre or a charmless dispatch depot. Ordering your wine and arranging delivery is very simple. All you need to do is to call the office and we can check availability of the various wines. Alternatively, email your requirements to and we will respond without delay.

Delivery and courier service: We have negotiated reduced rates with a specialist wine courier company. For central London addresses, we are also happy to arrange personal deliveries. Delivery charges will be quoted according to the address and order size.

Payment: All payments must be processed and confirmed before the goods are dispatched. A detailed receipt and confirmation of the order will be issued by email.

Terms and Conditions

Download detailed terms and conditions

Magnums and More… 20% off all wines in large format bottles

Every Monday evening at Boundary restaurant and every Friday lunch and dinner at Lutyens restaurant.

Boundary restaurant has become known for its award-winning wine list and, specifically, the collection of wines in magnums, jeroboams, imperials and other large format bottles. Part of the reason for this reputation is the customer-friendly pricing policy that it operates - all wines in large format bottles are priced at lower margins than single bottles. Plus, on Mondays, a further 20% discount is applied against the published selling price.

With effect from Friday, 7 September 2012, sister restaurant Lutyens is joining the party and has stocked its cellar in anticipation. Wine is always better from these eye-catching bottles, and the list includes a broad range of wines; from rare Riesling to great value Mâcon, and, of course, outstanding top Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. These large formats are ideal for celebrations and are also available to those booking private dining rooms at Boundary and Lutyens. So, join us for dinner and bring some friends.

Magnums, Jeroboams, Imperials, Methuselah, Salmanazar, Balthazar, Nebuchadnezzar...